Common Sense, Civic Consciousness and Compassion

2020 seems to have flown by in a blink of an eye and they say “time flies when we’re having fun”…. and even more when we’re under high emotional and mental stress it seems.

Now we find ourselves towards the end of Q1 2021, at the continuing onslaught of a global Covid-19 pandemic, a burgeoning financial crisis, banning of large gatherings, irrational panic buying and endless handwashing.

Of course, with any crisis comes bright sparks like – selfless healthcare workers, inter-country collaborations to combat the outbreak, unexpected helping hands and the majority of the infected recovering.

As I scan the interactive maps of the spread of Coronavirus, I give myself a shake to remind me that this isn’t a computer game like Civilization where I can save and reload a part of a game or exit totally and get about my daily life. This is life as we know it today. Yes, it will come to your city and yes, someone you love (maybe even yourself) will get infected. How you decide to prepare and react to this phenomenon, is what truly matters. It’s like consciously breathing in before going straight into action and reaction, you have choices, make them wisely. Sharing my internal considerations below:

Common Sense
Pause… what would make sense? How did I do it before? Thinking of someone I respect, would s/he choose the same? Are my intentions positive? How can I explain my decisions to my 7 and 5 year old daughters?

Civic Consciousness
Recall that we are connected and will survive if we co-exist. On the flip side, we will suffer if we are blindsided to the responsibilities (and privileges) we have as a community. Choose to benefit society.

Empathy for the frail and elderly, support for those impacted by the disease and kindness for those who have views different to mine. Choose to be right, without being righteous. When in doubt, move towards kindness.

If this was a match of “Humanity versus Covid-19”, what would you like the score to be? What if I told you that there will be countless rounds in this match, lasting years and you will get tired while the virus will just multiply? Will you still choose common sense, civic consciousness and compassion - which are crucial to us as a species in evolving out of our collective fear and grief.

Stephen Dinan writes “The best-case scenario is ultimately for us to approach this global pandemic as something that calls us into a higher level of collaboration, creativity, and conscious living.”

It’s a true coincidence that I’m adding more “C” words, so there – Cheers to collaboration, creativity, and conscious living; common sense, civic consciousness and compassion.


Photo credit – “A car-less street in Shanghai, China" by Nicoco

Other Sources:

WorldoMeters to track cases and locations 
Flatten the Curve to stay hopeful
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for knowledge
The World Health Organization COVID-19 dashboard for a visual representation of our connectedness.

I choose to gain Ease during COVID-19