— With Gratitude —

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Coaching is a dance filled with insights that positively impact lives - both the clients and mine. 
I've been fortunate enough to work with amazing individuals and 
I thank them for their generosity in sharing their experience and feedback below.

Thank you for listening attentively to my thoughts and helping me gained deeper self-introspection through our coaching sessions. Your questions helped me reflect further and broadened my perspectives. The resources you shared with me were also very interesting and helpful. 

Koh Yuen Choo Ivy • Superintendent West 2 • Schools Division •
Ministry of Education • Singapore • May 2024

Through Woon’s emphathetic and gentle probing, I had gained more clarity on the path that I wanted to chart out for the next stage of my life and career, and also gained more courage and confidence to venture into the un-known.

Director • Government Agency • Singapore • November 2023

I am grateful to have Woon as my coach for 6 months. Her insightful advice and guidance have helped me navigate professional challenges with clarity and confidence.

Director • Building and Construction Authority • Singapore • June 2023

Interestingly, Woon has facilitated me to articulate a future vision for my leadership and define my priorities to achieve greater work/life integration.

Laurence Tan • Director of Office of Estates • Republic Polytechnic • Singapore • May 2022


I felt that Woon really cared about supporting me and guiding me through the low point in my career, that I wasn't just another client that she sees, and I am in a much happier place professionally due to her coaching. 

Angela Tsang • Masters of Education in Intellectual Disability/Autism and Early Childhood Education Teachers College, Columbia University • Singapore • November 2021

Woon’s extensive corporate knowledge and experience complements her coaching expertise to provide insightful advice and practical development plans to enhance your leadership skills. 

Kelvin Yeo • Head of Audit • Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth • Singapore ​• October 2020 


Woon is an experienced and highly effective coach. She is able to diagnose underlying issues and challenges with precision, and customize approach according to the individual, thereby creating an impactful connection. I’m grateful for our enlightening conversations!

Chong Lin • Singapore • March 2019

I have thoroughly enjoyed having Woon as my coach. Woon is incisive, nudging me to look beyond the superficial and understand myself at a deeper level. Each session is comfortably uncomfortable, and it has been a journey of self-discovery and growth in a safe space. I also like it that Woon gives me tips on practical things that I can do and steps that I can take, to improve myself in small yet concrete ways. Thank you Woon!

Phua Hong Kiat • Head, indirect, Personal and Asset Taxes • Ministry of Finance, • Singapore • July 2018

I am very fortunate that I was able to work with Woon when I was at my career crossroad more than a year ago. Not only has she helped me to navigate through my career decision-making process, she has also made me realized other priorities which are inter-connected with my career goals. She also provided me a voice without any political spin, and a wall for me to bounce off ideas with complete openness.

Head • Spring • Singapore • April 2017

I had a really good experience with Woon as my executive coach for a year! I feel comfortable sharing my opinions with her openly and am glad to have her as my sounding board. She has been supportive by showing me encouragement when I make progress towards my goals, and reminding me to celebrate successes.  

Cheah Li Ping • Manager, Organisational Development • Cordlife Group Limited • Singapore • May 2016

Being questioned by Woon during the coaching sessions was intense. She challenged me to look beyond just giving superficial answers and to look more deeply into who I was and what made me tick, both in work and in life. Through the sessions, I developed greater confidence in myself as she helped me recognise what my strengths were, and what I should do to develop and use them.

Assistant Director • Ministry of Health • Singapore • February 2015

I am grateful for the opportunity to be coached by Woon in the past few months.  She has the ability to put me at ease to share many of my past which I normally would not have shared.  She was able to draw insights from such sharing and made me realize where I should focus on and improve.  She was gently insistent and really challenged me to take a good look at where I was and how I should move forward. Her action tips were simple and easy to carry out yet very useful.  I liked the way she encouraged me through her feedback.

HR Director • Singapore Public Hospital • April 2014

Woon was fantastic at helping me unpack some of the issues and decisions I had to make and deal with in my life and career. She had an amazing ability to identify and weed out the noise and peripherals, and really focus on the heart of the issue.  She was also able to ask the right questions to help me reflect deeper on the options available to me. Woon’s optimism and great heart for people really shone through during our sessions. I left each session refreshed, challenged, and with that little bit more courage to take on the world.  Thank you Woon!

Deputy Director • Government Ministry • Singapore • November 2013

I strongly believe that Woon has a perfect versatility to actively set career in mentoring or coaching establishment. Personally I have enjoyed the experience as a mentee under her guidance. She is high performer and achiever who can always steer the show with diligence and best acumen. Her working style is an absolute fit to comfort the other individual and her skill at converting thoughts into real meaning is a win for all.

Arif Shafique  • ​Nokia Head Of Sales • Pakistan • January 2012

I have had the unique opportunity of Woon being my executive coach within Nokia. I have achieved much successes resulting from my coaching program. Woon provided insight, experience, used her incredible listening skills to guide me on the achievement of my goals, build my confidence and chart my growth.

Sagren Pather • Nokia Digital Marketing Manager • Middle East and Africa • South Africa ​ • October 2011