Day of Twos

Waking up and checking WhatsApp, multiple messages about the synchronicity about today –

  • 22022022 which is both a palindrome and ambigram
  • Also Tuesday, the second day of the week
  • 22nd Day of the Lunar New Year of the Tiger

Today is being touted as energetically magical with the synchronicity of 2s, therefore a wonderful start or re-start for us all. The potential for positivity and to look within and outside of ourselves to make the connections that bring joy and foster love. 

It’s another reminder that when the world can rally around something positive, we can really show our best selves. We allow space for generosity, kindness and compassion. I’m a believer that how today (or any day for that matter) goes is really on us as individuals. We can choose how to respond and guide our narrative.

The fact remains that today is marred with too much negative news - including Russia’s troops moving into Ukraine, ongoing protests blockades in Canada against Covid restrictions, countless casualties due to floods in Brazil to name a few. 

For me, this just reminds us how interconnected we are. For any being to truly thrive, the dial  has to move forward for others in our community, the environment and more. I don’t have the answers but know that myself, I will use empathy as my guide and whenever I can, choose to share hope and positive energy.  

The times when I am going through rough patches and dealing with my own shadows, I choose not to add fuel to the fire thoughtlessly and rather seek support to unravel and learn from my experiences. I seek to hold the space for others, just as I appreciate that many have done the same for me.

I believe we can all live our purpose and make a positive difference to the world.

Happy 22222 and more.

Team Ziady