If you’re thinking of switching careers…

If you’re thinking of switching careers, here are some key factors to consider.

1. Pre-switch –


  • Reasons for new career?
  • What would make you look forward in your new career every day?
  • What lasting impact will you create?


  • Remove unnecessary stress by knowing how long you can survive on savings and any passive income
  • Be willing to accept a pay cut if needed
  • Emphasize Pull factors versus Push factors


  • Who can point you in the right direction? (coach, career advisor, mentor)
  • Include your network, boldly ask questions and seek advice
  • Define your supporters and energy givers

2. Flick the switch –


  • Research while having a job, experiment and test waters
  • Define small steps and work towards them diligently
  • Practice resilience and know your core values


  • Being honest with yourself and to your family
  • Seek support from those that matter
  • Know you can’t please everyone, but at least please yourself


  • Brush up your CV, cover letters and LinkedIn profile
  • Harness the internet, take time to understand technology
  • Have several options to compare and contrast

3. During the switch –


  • Maintain the motivation and excitement
  • Know your strengths, capabilities, certifications and specialized knowledge


  • Know that it takes time to make a switch, settle into a new career and have your first win
  • Balance your expectations in terms of accolades and financial returns
  • Focus on building your network and adaptability


  • Listening to others, instead listen to your heart/mind/body
  • If you realize this new career isn’t what you truly want
  • Believing that this career has to be the last and final switch in your life (if needed, you can always go back to top of this article)

There’s nothing to be gained without courage and action. Not many of us knew what we truly want in our 20s, so with hindsight being 20/20, may you be encouraged to sit in the driver’s seat, one hand on the steering wheel while listening to your favorite playlist of life. See it as a privilege of having the opportunity to chart your career aligned with your purpose and enjoy the journey and destination equally.

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