One Last Whirl

When do we know we have outgrown a place, an expectation or an activity? Today we did all three, consciously. We went to Bugz Playpark, an amusement park with indoor and outdoor rides, slides, sandpits & play structures for children the ages of 3-12 years old. 

We first visited Bugz  in 2017, when Kira was 5 and Erin 3. We fell in love with the caterpillar ride, huge jungle gym, kitsch train ride (around the car park) and constant pop music in the background. I remember declaring it’s a playpark I would have loved to visit as a child. We would spend the whole day there, only leaving at closing time 4pm for the 1 hour drive back to our home. The girls will inevitably fall asleep in the car while I listen to music and drove through town to get home. 

I then bought the annual passes and went twice in 2018 and thrice in 2019. At that time, there were still activities that Kira and Erin couldn’t do as the minimum age was 9 years old. Then came Covid, lockdown and mask-wearing that made it unpleasant to enjoy a Playpark. A 5 year hiatus then took us to this special day, as I wanted to visit the park for the last time. I invited my friend and her daughter Caitlyn who knew Kira and Erin since 2016 and they have been to Bugz together before.

Our girls have grown, being  11 and 9 and no longer into Disney and more interested in Minecraft. Luckily they still love Lego, reading and the outdoors. They were happy to go to Bugz but somewhat embarrassed that their mother was more excited about the excursion. Knowing that this is the last time made it poignant for me and extra special. We all sat on the horse merry-go-round and I even played catch inside the indoor jungle gym. I was tired from that little workout, but happy tired.

They have outgrown the waterslide, the one activity they used to be too young for. We were outnumbered by toddlers chased by harried-looking parents; while I could relax knowing that my girls are safe and free to roam around. The tallest slide wasn’t that tall after all and the insect statues less impressive. It was a squash and a squeeze in the caterpillar ride but they went on it twice, bringing much joy to me. Cotton candy and neon slushies are still a hit, some things don’t change.

Our last whirl was done by 3pm and I didn’t get to hear the usual closing announcements. We have each put our best foot forward, found joy and relived good memories. It was time to say goodbye to Bugz Playpark, the wow factor and rides. I was happy to see how well maintained the park and equipment are. The trees have grown, giving more shade and the staff are mostly smiling. My final gift was to give it a Google review of 5 stars and to my pleasant surprise, came the response from them 

“Wow, your words just made our day! We might need to frame this review and hang it on the wall. Thanks a million”

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