One Target + White Space

Days fly by and are often reviewed in hindsight. One way we can better experience our days is to be more present. 

Being a goal/task oriented person, I found a happy medium for myself during this year of adventure and discovery. 

My new way to start the discovery process is to mark a destination to go to (set a target), then along the way and back, to see what else we find (enjoy the white space). 

Some sample targets the last days here in Tainan, Southern Taiwan:

- Visit a recommended sight – Anping Tree House

- Try a recommended eatery – Sushi in the closest market

- Preserve energy for the 2.5hours training that starts at local time 10pm – brewing quality Alishan Oolong tea helps

- Repair Kira’s watch – 4min walk away, who knew!

The White Space that we coloured in as follows:

- Anping Tree House – Sat and read, then were delighted with a street magician, 2 hours went by quickly

- Sushi Stall – Fresh fish, inexpensive beer and met a fellow foodie local who cheerfully gave me various nearby eateries to try

- Training Day – Small activities during the day, enjoying the build-up and energized by the engaged participants based in the US and Brazil

- Watch Repair – Also popped into a spectacle shop and 1.5 hours later, eyesight tested and chose a comfy, light and durable frame for my presbyopia… deep down inside, I knew!

I look forward to more days flying by meaningfully and colourfully – now that I have regained both short and long-sightedness!

In your daily pursuit of goals, how can you also allow space for serendipitous and memorable moments?

(Below is a photo I took of Anping Fude Temple. It stands out in being smaller, having less carvings and intricate architecture than other temples in Tainan. It's eye-catching in it's simplicity and use of white.)

Taiwan Chinese New Year 2023