Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth – honest, solid, dependable and unpretentious. Salt has always been a precious commodity, therefore calling someone the salt of the earth is a great compliment.

That is what comes to my mind when I think about the many Croatians we have met. Our first contacts were the AirBnB hosts that were friendly and organised. The pride is evident in the way they set up their homes and that they truly want you to be comfortable and taken care of. From Split, Slunj to Pučišća, the hosts shared local tips and took the effort to check in on us. 

It truly are the little things that leave a deep impression and I bundle them under “generosity”. The latter comes up often within my coaching and training, as we can all afford to be a tad more generous in sharing our knowledge, giving a helping hand, voicing a kind comment, standing up for someone else and gifting a smile. Something I practice often is greeting the people in their local language whenever I can. 

Some little-big gestures that we’ve experienced in Croatia:

- Our Split host left a chilled bottle of water in the fridge as we arrived. She texted almost daily to wish us good weather and ask if we’re doing well

- Our Slunj host had a trampoline that our girls enjoyed daily. They gave us fresh tomatoes, local liquor and brought us to their family spot by the river

- Our Pučišća host gifted us her homemade fig jam and provided local olive oil and liquors to taste. Serendipitously, we also have the best neighbors in the other guests on her property – Tomo and Meti from Slovenia. 

Thanks to various friendly advice, we also got to try many local products and brands, including many wine varietals for the first time. My memories of Croatia beyond the gorgeous sights, historical architecture and the blue and green hues of the Adriatic Sea; would be that of the people who enhanced our experience immensely. To that, I say “Hvala” (thank you) and Bok”, an informal greeting which can be used for “hello” and also that of “goodbye”. We will return.

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