Team Ziady

I never thought about my family as a team. I mean, in the sense that a team consists of people who opt to be together and share common KPIs. “Team” and “KPIs” sound corporate and formal. Though from another angle, could family members have somehow chosen consciously and unconsciously to be part of a team? An agreement bound by fate and motivated by common happiness?

If so, then Team Ziady was in a prep stage for most of 2022. Our joint goal is to live overseas in 2023, covering 5 countries of interest. Besides absorbing local culture and language, we’ll get to practice living with less, being more open and understanding to differences. The slogan I came to is “2023, a breeze” and it speaks of a year of ease, flow and joy … even when the going gets tough, which it will at times.

First step was to decide as a family the 5 countries and reasoning:

  1. Taiwan – Mandarin Immersion, Chinese New Year, Bubble Tea and Night Markets
  2. Japan – Winter Wonderland, Cherry Blossoms, Creative Living Ware, Japanese Language and Food
  3. Singapore – Family, Friends, My Coachees and Home
  4. Croatia – Adriatic Sea, Water Activities, Unknowns and Not Speaking Croatian
  5. Finland? Spain? – Pending Decision, it’s ok to not have every piece of the puzzle available

Defining roles and responsibilities between myself and my husband was next. This prevents overlap, reduces frustrations and empowers each of us to do the research and make recommendations. That landed me with key actions like flights, accommodation, online schools, insurance and setting up an account for cheaper currency exchanges, amongst others. That suits my character as I enjoyed “ticking” off the list ahead of time.

Wearing my “mum aka project manager” hat, I gave myself the challenge to not buy any new clothes in 2022. This made me grateful for what I already had and packing for the trip was easier too. Turns out we always wear the same few favourite clothes anyways and that special outfit, matching shoes and branded handbag aren’t candidates for travel anyways!

Lowlights - There are multiple boring yet needed actions like organising the home which included gifting, donating, storage, recycling and trashing. Then packing for the trip – clothes to suit the different seasons, the mix of holiday and work item, ease of carrying our luggage as we walk and take different public transport; and our maximum limit of 20kg per person.

Highlights - Most enjoyable was spending time with close friends and bringing what we could to completion at work and life in Hout Bay. Personally, 2022 marked my busiest year filled with coaching and training. Global clients from different cultures and time zones. Polson & Co. selected me a Polson’s Consultant of the Year – surprise! Yet, it is a privilege to be acknowledged for impactful work achieved.

Constant reflections throughout the year surfaced the following strengths:

  • Motivation – Cultivate self-motivation to get through the stress of uncertainties and tedious activities
  • Patience – Everyone moves at a different pace and good things take time to come about
  • Being Present – Enjoy being here, breath in and out and smile
  • Creativity – Adventure Excel, Room by Room, Packing Cubes and Black Boxes

Trust – that all will work out well. It did as we reached our first milestone which was calmly and joyfully boarding Singapore Airlines 479 at 10.40am leaving Cape Town for Singapore. 

Go Team!!

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