Thoughts at a 45 degree angle

When two rays intersect at a common endpoint, they form an angle. In a right angle, the two arms are perpendicular to each other. When the right angle is divided into two equal parts each angle measures 45°.

So here are my thoughts at 45°:
Ray 1 – My environment, surroundings, community and life that I come in touch with.

Ray 2 – My inner self, the pulsing, feeling, thinking that I’m learning to be in touch with.

I turned 45 years old on the last day of 2021 and here we are, 13 days into 2022. On New Year’s Day, I chose to wish everyone much joy with the quote “The Greatest Project You’ll Ever Work On Is You.” (Unknown) with my message “Happy 2022 and 365 days of opportunities ahead!” So far (or near), I can say our past days have been filled with meaningful activities and creation of opportunities to connect, to laugh, to make a difference and to also relax.

Also have had fun choosing my coach metaphor to layer upon my 2020 lighthouse metaphor. The winner is the element Green that Llyod, the Green Ninja of The Lego Ninjago Moviediscovers he possesses. 

For those who watched The Lego Ninjago movie before and especially those who have young children and watched the movie more times than you wanted to… you’ll remember that Llyod was disappointed that he doesn’t possess the powers his friends had. His unique element is green while Kai has fire, Cole has earth, Jay has lightning, Zane has ice and Nya has water. Towards the end of the movie, he realizes that green means life and that his element is what connects the ninjas and his family together. 

Green is the only element that is not outwardly visible yet it connects all living things together and that’s when magic happens. It’s the way I am connected to all living creatures, my family, work and social circles, the local Hout Bay community, my home country Singapore, the world and the environment.Pertaining to my coaching, Green is how I enable and catalyse my clients to connect the dots of purpose, experiences, challenges, learning, achievements and relationships towards a good society.

Join in!

Photo Credit - © 2017 The Lego Group and © 2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment

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